Infinity pools are the ultimate eye-catcher. If you swim in such a high-class pool and have a great view, the water surface and the scenery seem to merge. It seems infinite (Infinity).  Located directly on a slope or with a view of the mountains, you will soon enjoy pure luxury. Technically, the infinity pool is similar to the overflow pool. 


Infinity Pools and Infinity Shine Pools

Infinity pool is, so to speak, the big brother of the overflow pool. Such pools with hidden water edge are much more elaborate and expensive than skimmer pools and are therefore considered a status symbol or luxury.  

In addition, this special pool variant can also be ordered including an “Infinity Shine” light system, which can conjure up an extraordinary ambience in your garden….

In the overflow pool, the water can be filled to the brim and flows directly through an overflow channel into an equalization tank (also called a surge tank). The technology of an overflow pool is more complex than that of the skimmer pool and also requires more space.  

Not only is the flush water level modern and aesthetic, just because of this, the water does not constantly bang against the pool walls and is overall much quieter than other pool options..